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Selection and cleaning of household bathroom stone

From£º Date£º5/4/2017

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly in pursuit of luxury high-end decorative effect in home decoration, decoration Home Furnishing gradually in the extensive use of natural stone has become a fashion, but also its arrange of use has been gradually extended to the toilet and bathroom decoration.

Because of the toilet and bathroom special environmental conditions, the moisture, moisture, mildew and dirt, often contact with detergents and other chemicals for daily use, so the bathroom stone is very vulnerable to pollution, once the maintenance is not good, the stone surface will be corroded, dim without light, even the splash color line etc..

So in daily life, be careful not to use shampoo containing dyes, do not use soap and shampoo with artificial coloring, and do not use acidic or alkaline detergent, cleaning agent to clean the surface should be neutral, try to make the stone surface dry, pollutants in the stone surface should immediately clean.

The maintenance points is as below:

1 the water hardness.

Try to use soft water in daily life and stone maintenance. Because the hard water will leave sediment on the surface of the stone, these sediments will darken the surface color and will react with the stone surface.

2 use permeable stone protective agent to protect the stone.

In order to reduce the water absorption rate of stone, and reduce the degree of adhesion between the sediment and the stone, the best way is to use permeable stone protective agent.

3 to clean up the stone surface after using bathroom.

At the same time, according to the variety of stone, the use of the environment, the main source of pollution, choose the appropriate cleaning agent and cleaning methods. If you do not understand the specific circumstances and blindly using cleaning agents will cause stone damage, deterioration, yellowing, pan black and other different consequences.

4 regularly polished marble surface

After a period of time after use, if the marble surface local color becomes dark, and even serious damage, surface gloss disappear. It can use the polishing liquid mixture (polishing powder and polishing liquid) to carry out their own cleaning and polishing (DIY). Or choose a professional marble maintenance company to help maintain polishing. It is best to use a period of time to be carried out, usually once a year, do not wait until the destruction of the stone before the serious maintenance.

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