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Stone mosaic Design

From£º Date£º4/21/2017

If you want to design a stone mosaic both beautiful and practical, not only artistic quality is strong but also consumers love, you must look into life, understand which style people love and what people really need, then capture inspiration in life. Art is based on life and higher than life. As long as you observe more, move the brain, you can give full play to the potential and function. A good works of art exhibition will be on paper.


How to choose stone material to make medallion design?

The raw materials of stone mosaic are rich, leftover materials of stone can be used to meet the need. As long as high quality material is the same in color and texture, under the action of the artistic processing, you can create a colorful art treasures.

Stone mosaic can be made of the waste of stone or a new large slab, through the design, selection, cutting, bonding, grinding, polishing and other processes, an ornamental and artistic stone crafts can be created. Stone mosaic is one of the art patterns, a collection of stone processing art, decoration design art and aesthetic art. Stone mosaic as a decoration on the ground, walls, table, giving people a clear, handsome and generous feeling. And stone mosaic as  a medallion can give a grand and magnificent feeling if used in hall, ballroom and square ground.


You can design as below principle:

Materials: stone material is determined by customer according to the material requirements. If the customer don¡¯t require any materials, just according to the state's stone industry standards for the selection of raw materials.


Color: the stone color must be consistent, but for some materials (Spain beige, beige marble, old Shan Huhong), there is a color difference in the same slate, the principle of color selecting is in order not to affect the aesthetics of parquet decorative effect. When it is unable to achieve a good decorative effect and in line with the customer's processing requirements, need to obtained the consent of the customer before the material processing.


Texture direction of processing stone in the specific circumstances, there is no absolute standard for reference. 

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