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Three Mosaic Styles

From£º Date£º4/1/2017

Mosaics are a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile, glass, etc. They have different process and types. Among the stone mosaic, there are three types you can learn about as below.

Mold mosaic is a mosaic with a seam, which is made of small unit block with different kinds of shapes. The blocks are arranged in sequence according to a certain standard gap and position. They can be made of a pattern. At that time, mold mosaic is popular in overseas markets, because the mosaic products don¡¯t have many mosaic pattern to choose. Mold mosaic is the original structure of mosaic products.

The structural characteristics of mold mosaic as below.

First, the weight is lighter, and seam is uniform.

Second, it is easy to fill the construction seam. However, if the installation is not properly filled, there will be a clear demarcation line.

Third, the color is affected by the cell block, causing more concentrated distribution.


The transforming products of mold mosaic is a roman mosaic , basically made of 15mm small particles. Of course, the particles size can be different in different pattern. Roman mosaic is a product which is composed of various continuous patterns. The manner is seamless and dense so the effect is more natural.

The structural characteristics of roman mosaic as below.

First, it is seamless, and structure is tight.

Second, the pattern can be varied greatly, close to smooth mosaic pattern.

Third, it can be processed with complex mosaic effect.

Forth, there are different color differences between small particles.

Fifth, need to repair the joint when finishing.


Another mosaic is 3D mosaic, a three-dimensions mold mosaic products. The structural characteristics of roman mosaic as below.

First, the structure is three-dimensional effect.

Second, the internal components is similar with mole mosaic pattern.

Third, it can be processed with many kinds of styles.

Forth, the patterns can¡¯t change sharply.

In general, 3D mosaic products are mainly used for indoor and outdoor walls, especially standing out on idiomatical wall.

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