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Slate Tile

From£º Date£º3/23/2017



A point of view from geology, slate is a metamorphic rock. According to the structure of metamorphic rocks, there is phyllite slate, shale slate, gneiss slate, slate and so on. Plate-like structure is slate petrological characteristic. In real life, the connotation of slate is widely familiar with people. Mostly slate is a commercial name. Slate can be processed into a plate-like structure or a sheet metal and the natural characteristic is still retained. It will be a more natural feeling and popular to using texture slate and bamboo and rattan to design furniture in recent years. Slate is usually used for floor, roof, wall and countertop.

Slate is better to be used in large areas as floor and wall decoration because this material is rough than other stone and more able to show the stone characteristics. It is good choice to embellish a room with slate if you want to use them in small areas, otherwise the room will appear depressed. Because of the irregular and uneven shape of slate, it is loved by the crowd who engage in the art line and pursuit of trend and personality. 


When used for decoration design, it should be considered to choose the slate color. There are so many colors as your reference, such as green, grey, black, red, purple, brown, yellow, rust. Now gray slate is more common to use as finishing decoration. Black slate is the first choice to match white as paving stone for stairs, wall to show the master artistic temperament. No matter what color, most slate are strongly durable acid-resistant and alkali-resistant characteristics, which is the most important standard to judge if roof slate is suitable or not.

  How to select slate? As we know, there is not too many color contained if the slate quality is high. You can select slate as follow.

The concentration distribution of color is relatively uniform, even same.

The surface of slate is not rough when touch.

Pay special attention to the standard value of radioactivity. The stone used in indoor decoration should be Class A according to the national standards.

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