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The Special stone material

From£º Date£º3/8/2017

Mostly, the common decorative stone material generally is marble and granite that has been extensively used as dimension stones and flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings and monuments for centuries. With the improvement and change of mass aesthetic standards, special stone material has begun to supplant granite and marble as a building material, since it is much more unique. The special stone material is comprised mostly with quartz, semi-gemstone and gemstone.

The special stone is extremely rare and precious. And part of the gemstone is main raw materials of jewelry industry, so the material is scarce, such as Blue Ocean is one of the special stone materials for quarts. The fashion shape and rich colors , matching the interior decoration and mass aesthetic standards , can bring the living room a higher taste ,such as Galaxy Area. The stone material textures are unique, they are complicated or simple, and can form a beautiful pattern. Besides, special stone material is not easy to copy and difficult in processing. All of these characteristics is the reason why people like to use them as a decorative material.

The special stone application can not only make whole space appear high-grade luxury, but also reveals the unique taste of host. Special stone material will become a costly personalization trends.

In modern stone decoration, high-grade decoration requires the higher quality of special stone material. Although the natural stone material is useful for villa decoration, the designer will not design necessarily your finishing room with rich features of the stone, because the change of color and texture will have a dazzling discomfort feeling and lack its levels sense. But the designer can choose special stone materials used in a prominent hall, such as in some setting wall, porch screen, the tea table of gemstone makeup, where can perfectly show the host noble temperament and refined taste.

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