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Newstar Stone

About Newstar slate

Newstar Slate is one of leading Branch of Newstar Stone, Newstar Slate has consistently produced top grade slate for all kinds of decoration and buildings. With the professional technology in slate mining and processing, we rapidly take great share in slate business around world. Devoted in new products development, our products includes natural slate ,natural quartz, natural sandstone, natural limestone and other series, covers all kinds of slabs and tiles, flooring tiles, walling tiles, roofing slate, slate mosaic, Cultured slate, slate billiard,slate medallion, slate table etc.

Newstar Slate

china slate,slate floors, slate tile,roofing slate

Newstar slate has been expending its range of quality exported products, includes Color Textures , Flooring Slate tile , Ledge Slate (culture slate) , Slate Pillar , Walling Slate , Flagstone Slate , Slate Mosaic , Tumbled Slate , Meshed Slate , Slate Billiard , Slate Countertop , Slate Finished Surface , Slate Pattern , Quartzite Series , Mushroom-shape Slate , Roofing Slate etc, the colors varies in grey, black, rustic, brown, pink, pureple, green, onyx ,yellow etc. Cheapest! Variety from China NEWSTAR Slate

Newstar Sandstone

Garden sandstone cladding tiles,cobblestone

China Sandstone are became popular in stone decoration , used in wall, floor, landscaping, building material etc. Their products includes Sandstone tile, Sandstone paving stone, sandstone sculpture and carving, Sandstone flagstone, flamed sandstone, cultured sandstone, normally used in flamed, honed, bushhammered, sandblasted surfaces,Our sandstone covers yellow, Grey,Pink, red,purple,beige etc, come from different area of China!

Travertine & Limestone

Travertine tile, travertine slabs, white travertine

We offer more choices of travertine and limestone including slab and tiles in yellow, grey, beige, white with and without fossil, mosaic and onyx in honed, polish, acid washed, and brushed finish. We use the state of the art machinery to process our tiles and slabs. Now we are newly built one China Travertine & limestone Quarry to supply top quality concerning products for you ,figured with good quality,but competitive price. Travertine's physical uniqueness makes it particularly appropriate material for use in unfavorable environmental and climatic conditions. Travertine can consequently be used for a wide variety of applications, from interior flooring tile to external wall. In our factory we can produce the following types of finish for flooring tiles: honed, polished, and split-faced. Flooring tiles are available in sizes12"x12"x3/8" 16" x16" x1 / 2" 18" x18" x1 / 2" 24" x24" x5 / 8" inch 30.5x30.5x1cm,40.6x40.6x1.2cm,45.7x45.7x1.2cm,40.6x61x1.2cm,61x61x1.5cm slab 2cm, slab 3cm, cut to size, and counter top available at container price Or other size available.

Andesite and Lava

Andesite tile,basalto tiles, lava stone,paving stone

Andesite is an extrusive igneous rock consisting primarily of plagioclase plus pyroxene and/or hornblende. Biotite, magnetite, quartz and sphene are common constituents. Andesite has the equivalent composition to the plutonic igneous rock, diorite. Andesite is named after the Andes mountain range. These rocks are found near the subduction zones of ocean tectonic plates, along continental margins. Andesite forms at convergent plate margins and is thought to be the product of partial melts of the water-rich subducting oceanic crustal basalts or of the intervening wedge of lower crustal rocks above the subducting plate. While andesite is common in younger arc systems such as the Cascades, it is nearly absent in the older Sierra Nevadas, possibly a consequence of erosion.

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